03.12.2019. In a joint conference opened by Vice-President Vera Jourová, European media sectors called on the Commission to adopt an ambitious approach to EU media policy, to support the sector’s competitiveness.
With the new Commission taking office, the news media, commercial and public service televisions and radios wanted to jointly stress the need to preserve quality journalism, to create the conditions for a thriving media sector and to foster fair competition. They reiterated the need for any Digital Services Act to ensure media can continue to play its vital role for society and online platforms are made more responsible, notably to improve the fight against illegal content, hate speech and disinformation.

Victoria Svanberg, Vice-President of News Media Europe (NME), said: ”When it comes to fake news, we should realise that it not only damages the democratic process, but also trust in the wider institution of journalism and the media, with grave consequences for society. We need more responsible actors in the online space”.

Guillaume de Posch, President of the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT), said: “European broadcasters make a huge contribution to life in Europe – democratic, cultural and economic. We look to Europe to foster the 3Rs: a Robust media policy based on an industrial vision, a Responsible Platforms legal framework to deliver a healthy and balanced online environment, and better transposition and enforcement to deliver Reliable rights and commercial freedoms”.

Corinna Drumm, Vice-President of the Association of European Radios (AER) and managing director of the Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Austria (VÖP), said: “Media quality and pluralism are key pillars for democracies. Radio plays a highly important role for social cohesion, being ubiquitous, highly relevant and the most trusted of all media. In order for European quality media to survive, in an era of global online platforms radio needs to be supported and treated fairly in all relevant areas, such as specific media rules, taxation, copyrights, data or consumer protection. Undoubtedly, this is difficult. But it is imperative”.

Richard Burnley, Director Legal & Policy at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), called for “EU policies to promote fair competition for European broadcasters, preserving freedom of expression and pluralism in Europe and holding platforms to account for any content that can cause harm to citizens”


About the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT): The Association of Commercial Television in Europe represents the interests of leading commercial broadcasters across Europe. The ACT member companies finance, produce, promote and distribute content and services benefiting millions of Europeans across all platforms. At ACT we believe that the healthy and sustainable commercial broadcasting sector has an important role to play in the European economy, society and culture. For further information please contact Gosia Szczodrowska | Director of Legal and Public Affairs | gs(a)acte.be

About the Association of European Radios (AER): The Association of European Radios (AER) is a Europe-wide trade body representing the interests of over 4,500 private/commercial radio stations across Europe. AER’s main objective is to develop and improve the most suitable framework for private commercial radio activity. AER constantly follows EU actions in the fields of media, telecommunications and private radio transmission, in order to contribute, to enrich and develop the radio sector. For further information please contact Francesca Fabbri | Association Manager | francesca.fabbri(a)aereurope.org.

About the European Broadcasting Union (EBU): The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media (PSM). We have 116 member organizations in 56 countries and have an additional 34 Associates in Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas. Our Members operate over 2,000 television, radio and online channels and services, and offer a wealth of content across other platforms. Together they reach an audience of more than one billion people around the world, broadcasting in more than 160 languages. The EBU operates Eurovision and Euroradio services. For further information, please contact Guenaëlle Collet | European Affairs Manager | collet(a)ebu.ch.

About News Media Europe (NME): News Media Europe (NME) represents the progressive news media industry in Europe – over 2500 European news brands in print or online, and also on radio and TV. NME is committed to maintaining and promoting the freedom of the press, to upholding and enhancing the freedom to publish, and to championing the news brands which are one of the most vital parts of Europe’s creative industries. For further information, please contact Wout van Wijk | Executive Director | .wout.vanwijk(a)newsmediaeurope.eu